CIA Alive & Well!

Arlene Yates
Warnbro Primary School

This was to have been a Team story about the RAC Little Legends incursion but as it so happened the presenter was unwell & so unable to attend (if you have no Control & no Influence, then you must Accept the situation.) The good news is, it IS to be re-scheduled so watch this space for the Team story (sometime!)

So the Team spent YM time today working on various ways of promoting the upcoming reward day (Dress up as Your Favourite Animal) to be held in Term 4 (always find the glint of silver in the darkest cloud!), including coming up with some ideas for a PA message. To this end the Deputy, Mr Mac, will be meeting with the Team to discuss the What (hopefully next week.) Besides suggested messages, the Team has a few queries about the When & How.

Footnote: Winter Walk to School Week got off to a great start with a glorious sunny day! Fantastic feet forward!

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James (Your Move)

Hi Arlene - I'm glad to see the CIA (Control - Influence - Accept) principal continues to be applied at Warnbro 😊. We'll be keeping an eye or two 👀 out for the incursion story (and maybe Winter Walk too?), but in the meantime you have earned 10 points for the additional details of Term 3 Team meeting outcomes. See you soon, no doubt!

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