Classes say Thank You.

Arlene Yates
Warnbro Primary School

The Team has been delighted to receive a mail-bag of thank you letters from students who recently attended the Constable Care Safety School.

Miranda wrote..... I would like to thank you for earning the points we needed to attend the Constable Care Safety School. My favourite part was when we got to ride the bikes, the glory of following all the signs & traffic lights were amazing. They were so realistic, particularly the boom gates as whenever I tried to go through a teacher would make them go down... It was a lot of fun though...

Ella wrote... The Constable Care Safety School was amazing. I loved the bikes which you could ride around like a vehicle. The traffic lights were really cool. I also liked indicating (when turning.) It was great... There was a lot of stuff that I never knew before &the presenters made learning really fun...

Mentor's note: Thank you for the Thank you notes! I concur with all the above. It IS an amazing place to visit & learn about road safety.

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James (Your Move)

This is a really nice idea - it must have been so rewarding for the team to receive all that validation for their efforts. I particularly love how Miranda felt the 'glory' of riding through the course. I have given you 15 points for this activity, plus a bonus 15 for its innovative nature and another 5 for the students' perspectives.

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Thanks for sharing the feedback.Great to hear the students got a lot from the experience. Well done to the student team for all the hard work that enabled you to access the Connecting school grant and unlock the excursion!

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