Day 2 of Leadership Labs

Arlene Yates
Warnbro Primary School

Day 2 was another fantastic opportunity for young people to express & share their ideas.

Today was the day our Team got to shine a light on their star! And shine brightly it did. The main brief was that peers can influence each other in a positive way, especially regarding AT. Below, beginning the presentation:

Next, explaining one of our designated active events:

Then, still trying to encourage & influence AT but this time by way of a whole school/class competition:

After the Team presentation (yes Team we ARE so proud of you!) it was back to working on how to pitch a plan. Much discussion was had & lots of colour coding & numbering of sections to make it easier to "get it."

There was so much wonderful "stuff" happening today but I am leaving it for the Team to elaborate after our debrief next Monday. (so much better for the Team to tell all the good oil!)

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James (Your Move)

I'm glad to hear that day 2 was well appreciated Arlene. I look forward to hearing what the team say next week. For now they have earned 40 points for presenting on day 2, on top of the 50 points received for attending yesterday. Of course there are also 10 points for another engaging story 😍.

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