Decorate Your Wheels

Arlene Yates
Warnbro Primary School

Angelina & Summer wrote: 21 participated in DYWs. 10 were from the Junior block (Years PP -2) & 11 from the Middle/Senior block (Years 3-6) participated. By looking at all the entries we could see that tinsel was quite popular & made the "wheels" (bikes & scooters) shiny. A great idea was to use lots of decorations.

Cohen C. & Kyal wrote about organising the event & judging: We talked it through & split our Team into 2 teams of 3 for judging (Junior & Middle/Senior.) It was tricky judging but also fun. It was also cool to look at all the beautiful bikes/scooters/helmets. We would love to do it again. We would like to see more getting involved. We loved how those who participated used creativity.

Cohen Mc. sums up the day for us: The best thing I loved was seeing the kids' helmets & how they (helmets) were also decorated. The not so good thing was when I had to judge the bikes & scooters because they were all so fantastic. I think we could make an event like this better if we encouraged more riders to join us.

Mentor's note: we hope to have some photos for you soon of some of the wonderfully decorated wheels!

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James (Your Move)

Hi Angelina, Summer, Cohen, Kyal and of course Mrs Yates! Thanks for filling us in on your Decorate Your Wheels comp. It is always a good sign when the only negative is that the entries were all too good! Your competition has earned you 20 points, plus 10 for sharing so many thoughts and another 5 for getting the youth perspective out there. Looking forward to seeing those photos!

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