Arlene Yates
Warnbro Primary School

Summer & Taihleia write about their hiccup:

A few weeks ago we asked the school office if we could display the WW-U competition on the office display board. When we came back to put up the winners we couldn't because a new display had just gone up.

So we had to take all of our stuff to Room 9 to do the display.

Below, other entries also showcased in Room 9.

Mentor's note: Another hiccup sorted, but it all works out well because Room 9 was where we were setting up our YM display for the school's Open Night. Better still, the members of our YM Team brought along their parents to talk them through the YM website & what they have been doing during YM sessions. Plus lucky me got to meet the parents!

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Justine (Your Move)

Lovely pictures! Thanks for sharing Summer & Taihleia :)

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Great Display! Was awesome to see all the hard work this years team is putting into YM at open night.

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Thank you, Matthew for your comments. Some background for the YM community: Matthew was part of our last TS Team last year. This year he was selected as a student leader. Best wishes for high school next year, Matthew.

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