This afternoon, the Team met for the first time for this term & there was no time like the present to get going. Firstly we welcomed new member Brody replacing Talayah who has left. Next off the "to do" list was draft invitations to our guest walkers for our WalknWheel to School Day which happens at the end of Bike Month. Then it was time to double check the Wheeling Wednesdays roster for this week. Thanks, Ruby & Brianna.

From there we had a brief discussion referring to the calendar planner to get our minds around what & when everything for this term is happening. While the Team was downing some lunch I gave them the heads up on how our Star Cards are going; we are pleased to report that 68% of the school have Star Cards. From there the Team got on to the promotion of Week 5's Winter Walk to School Week. Posters should be finished next week ready for display. We are using this activity as a class competition to find the most ACTIVE Junior & Senior classes. Next week we'll probably take a few minutes to work out what goodies will be in the prize baskets for the most Active classes.

The Team was left with some "homework" to draft a message which can be read over the PA leading up to next term's Dress up as Your Favourite Animal. We will ask our Deputy, Mr Mac, to help us out with when will be the best time to air this promotion. All in all, a busy but great start to the term!

Mentor's note: Our "grand plan" for WW2SW will be revealed later. Just putting the final touches to it!

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James (Your Move)

Good to see the team right back into it for the new term 😊. My head is spinning a bit with all the plans - but I look forward to hearing more updates as the term continues. The team have earned 10 points for this meeting and you have another 10 points for sharing all the details.

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