NWS2SD was held in conjunction with Thank a Traffic Warden Day. So of course we did both! What a gloriously sunny day it was, only eclipsed by the beaming faces of all our participants, as you can see by two of our Team, posing with Gail one of our trusty Traffic Wardens. Gail had just been presented with her Thank You certificate, so she was extra happy!

Some of the Team's handy work in promoting NWS2SD.

On NWS2SD, we do a lot. We try to encourage people to cross at the Guarded Crossings. We also invite guest walkers to join us on our hosted walks. I invited Caroline Hume, who is one of our local Councillors for the City of Rockingham. We write down everyone's name who walked with us & then we draw one name out of the hat for each of our hosted walk locations to be our Wonderful Walker for the day. We organize a prize & certificate to be presented at the next assembly. Brianna

We had the blender bike, borrowed from the City of Rockingham. We also had a lucky dip bag for everyone joining our hosted walks & we invited guest walkers to join us. I invited the Mayor, Deb Hamblin. We helped out & took photos. We had so much help with this event & we are so happy with what we achieved. I'm already looking forward to our next hosted walk in October. Emma

We participate in NWS2SD because we would like everyone to be excited to walk or ride to school. We like to get them motivated. The reason we do our blender bike is because smoothies are healthy, riding is involved & the participants are having fun while moving. Ruby

On NWS2SD, everybody had lots of fun. Also we made lots of smoothies using the blender bike. Emma, Ruby, Dylan, Kelly, Brianna & I planned this all out with Mrs Yates' help. As I said, NWS2SD was super fun since we planned everything carefully & we took our time. Laghima

By the time we got to school it was nearly time for the bell so Miss Wittber & Miss Murray arranged for the YM Team to use the blender bike at recess. That was great because we then got to pedal the blender bike & make a smoothie! Kelly

On Friday we had our hosted walks to school with our guest walkers. I think as a result of Friday, people might start walking to school because they had fun on Friday. Dylan

Mentor's note: The wonderful weather no doubt encouraged numbers. The Team was impressed by our good numbers at all of our hosted walks to school & we recorded 52% AT. A great Team effort all round!

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James (Your Move)

Way to go Warnbro! So good that will all the fun and games going on you took time out to officially acknowledge all the efforts of Gail and the other traffic wardens. That earned you 25 points on top of the 40 points for your event and 25 points for all your story details. Nice to know that the late-comers got to use the blender bike at recess 😄.

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NWS2SD was a great day for everyone, James. Gail told me quite proudly that this certificate would join the others she has received over the years! YM really IS about fostering all those important community connections. As easy as ABC (Act Belong Commit)!

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