HU is In.

Arlene Yates
Warnbro Primary School

At 46% AT, there IS room for improvement, especially when at the end of 2019, our EOY HU was 53%. Still this gives the Team a figure from which to work to set AT goals for the year. All is not bad however as there was a 10% increase in walking, but sadly this was negated by a 13% increase in driving. The 26% decrease in cycling, I hope, will be arrested by the numerous activities the Team have planned for Bike Week. The re-launching of Wheeling Wednesdays may also prove an incentive to "get on your bike!"

At our meeting on Monday this data will assist the Team in setting AT goals for 2020. My suggestion to the Team will be to set 2 goals for AT: a modest improvement by the end of Term 1 & a more ambitious increase for the end of the year, being ever mindful of setting SMART goals!

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James (Your Move)

Thanks for your results discussion Arlene. I'm sure the bike week activities will short out the cycling deficit. I like the idea of having both short and longer term goals. Your considered discussion of your HUS results has earned you 10 points on top of the automatic points you get for uploading your survey results.

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