Incidental Incentives.

Arlene Yates

The Team has been busy coming up with ideas of how to celebrate our 10th birthday "incidentally." (code for no disruption to the school day!)

So far, we have:

  • Fun Feet Fridays. The Team hits the entrances to school to hand out raffle tickets to everyone using AT. Although the Team knows WHEN FFFs are, it is a "random" event. (raffle ticket = a Star on Star Card)
  • Wheeling Wednesday Lucky Dip. On random WWs the Team has a bag of goodies from which all wheelers can select an item.
  • "First in, Best Dressed" Wheeling Wednesdays. On these random WWs, there is a single prize for the first wheeler arriving.
  • At selected assemblies, drawing double the raffle tickets for Toesdays & Wheeling Wednesdays.

Like the Team stated at the most recent assembly, we aim to keep everyone on their toes! (and by having our chart, we can be on our toes too!) I have just realised that "first in, best dressed" needs to be placed on the chart. Do that Monday!

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James (Your Move)

At first I thought these ideas were all happening, then Ithought they were just ideas, but now I realise they ARE all happening 😲. Wow - what an anniversary it will be! You have earned 10 points for your meeting and another 10 for sharing all the plans. Can't wait!

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