Leadership Labs: Student Team Perspective.

Arlene Yates
Warnbro Primary School

Last week our Team attended the Leadership Labs held in Rockingham. Here is what they thought...

The Team attended the LL run by Milliennium Kids at the Gary Holland Community Centre in the City of Rockingham. My favourite part was meeting other students & leaders from different schools. It was nice listening to other students' ideas, sharing interests & making new friends. I learnt how by coming by car can affect kids & the environment and how safe & unsafe schools can be because of coming by car. Juliette.

This event was held on Wednesday & Thursday, 23rd & 24th June. The highlight for me was when we did the workshops (RAC, TransPerth, Road Safety & Drug Education branch) I learnt a lot about transport because it was very interesting. I also liked being with other schools because it gave me a chance to meet new friends & they gave me some ideas as well. I learnt a lot, especially never have a black umbrella in the rain because it is really hard to be seen. I also learnt that younger children are at more risk on the road. Aryanna.

I learned lots. The highlight was participating in the LLs & also learning about TransPerth (Get On Board!) & transport especially the RAC Intelie bus. Travis.

The people involved were Carol-Ann, Sam, Cat, Heather & Kristin. Cat was the facilitator (Heather & Kristin, her assistants), Carol-Ann & Sam were from the Department of Transport. Penny, COR Community Development Officer, was also there along with Charthouse, Baldivis Gardens & Golden Bay PSs & of course us (WPS). The highlight was playing continuous tag with all of the other schools. I also learnt about the RAC Intelie bus. Jack.

We participated by doing a presentation & a pitch & going into groups & learning all sorts of stuff about active transport. The highlight for me was meeting the other schools & learning about active transport. I learnt all sorts of facts about carbon emissions & that cruise liners are the worst form of transport (for the environment) & that riding is the best way to travel. Eli

Mentor's note: I have added a PDF with photos showing the Team very engaged with the project at hand.

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James (Your Move)

Thanks everyone for your perspective on the Labs - I love how so much value is placed on the social contact and friendships made. You have earned another 15 points for Warnbro!

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And THANK YOU, James for using your magic to sort our photos! I agree, the social connections are so valuable; students (&adults!) from each of the schools mingled beautifully.

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