Let's Get MOVING!

Arlene Yates
Warnbro Primary School

Goals & planning. Bike Week events & campaigns. Invitations to write. Those all important folders. Posters to create. Where to begin? Take a deep breath & remember baby steps; sure & steady those baby steps will get us there...

And so the Team met for the first time for 2020 on Monday, in a flurry of activity. Firstly everyone was welcomed onto the Team. Then talking about being SMART in what we do. Just briefly touching on our goal setting & planning sheet. (Time was already fast disappearing!) Those invitations to our guest walkers for National Walk Safely to School Day were on the MUST GET DONE list (& they were.) Then there was the quick talk about Bike Week looming & the events the Team will be organising. Also in the mix was a chat about stories & points (& what we can do with points: one of our favourite places the Rewards Shop!)

Next week the Team will complete introductions & aspirations for this year (and try to fit in goal setting & planning!) And next week is only Week 3!

Below some of the pieces of information in our YM folders. More will be added as we progress through the year.

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James (Your Move)

Another jam packed meeting for Warnbro! Getting your new team together for 2020 and having you first meeting has earned you 50 points, plus 10 for filling us in on all the proceedings. We'll be watching this space!

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