When the rest of the YM Team wrote their thoughts about YM 2017, Angelina was away. Now that she has returned I am pleased to share her thoughts with the YM Community.

My name is Angelina. I love riding my bike, I'm in Year 5 & I'm 10 years old. I can't wait now to start this year's Travel Smart (Your Move)

I don't live very far from from the school. This year my goal for YM is to have from 40-50% using AT.

I'm doing YM because I love riding & have lots of fun doing it. I also want to help make a BIG difference on the % of people who ride or take any AT to school because I know Healthy body, healthy mind! Being Travel Smart is really important.

Mentor's note: in actual fact, although Angelina states she doesn't live very far from school, she actually lives about 20 minutes walk away. Just the right distance to have the brain engaged ready for school by the time you walk or ride there. Like we say,"Active body, active mind!"

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Justine (Your Move)

Nice to meet you, Angelina! Looks likeyou and the rest of the team have aligned goals to bring AT in Warnbro up to 40-50% - keep us updated on how you plan to get there :)

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