Mentor's Reflections.

Arlene Yates
Warnbro Primary School

In a year where "normal" did not exist, I had the honour & privilege to work with a Team of students who kept busy creating lots of activities to help maintain some modicum of normality. Along the way, in between writing stories, planning events, campaigns & class competitions, we somehow found time to discuss "stuff" that wasn't really in the realm of YM but most certainly impacts on life in general. Not only was I a mentor but I was privileged to become a confidante on a range of topics, from how friendships evolve to managing peer group pressure. I'm really glad we found that time in a very tight schedule (to be able to discuss such topics.) The honesty of the discussions was palpable & I hope as these young people navigate the future years, the ability to talk stuff out will stand them in good stead.

So YM is just so much more than reaching those AT targets; it's a strategy for living life well. Such an admirable goal.

An honour & a privilege...

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James (Your Move)

Thanks for sharing Arlene - that is just beautiful! We love hearing how Your Move becomes about so much more than AT projects, and how all the extras are valued by the school community. Of course this is in a large way a result of not only a great team, but a super Champion! Have a wonderful last couple of weeks and a well earned holiday period - and see you in 2021!!

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James (Your Move)

I forgot to say that I just gave you 10 points for sharing those valuable and heartfelt sentiments.

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