NR2SD - "Creatively."

Arlene Yates
Warnbro Primary School

We took a little bit of licence with our NR2SD & held it the week ahead. There was good reason for this. It just so happened that the school summer carnival was to be held on you guessed it, 25th March, so we had to put our thinking caps on to work out how to be in 2 places at once. The solution was be at the bike racks, armed with stickers & raffle tickets, the week before & make sure everyone knew why it was happening earlier. (YM reports at assemblies are so good for updating information) Problem solved!

We also decided that we would draw a couple of extra raffle tickets from the Wheeling Wednesdays box to celebrate NR2SD at this week's assembly. Winners all round!

Now my spiel done, it's over to the Team! Thanks to Talayah, Brianna, Laghima, Kelly & Dylan for their input.

NR2SD is on Friday, 25th March. It was meant to be on that day, but for us, it is our sports carnival so we can't be in two places at once so we did it a week earlier so we could fit it in. We participated because it is a way to encourage AT at our school.

On OUR NR2SD people riding to school earned a raffle ticket & also a sticker. We can encourage more people to use AT as the way to come to school by saying things like," you will be way more healthy if you use AT!" Talayah, Kelly & Brianna gave out stickers & raffle tickets at the bike racks.

Cycling & scootering makes you healthy & it's more healthy for the environment too. If you use AT like cycling & scootering, you will feel more active. The thing which is good about riding is exercise & fun. It was a great day because I love seeing people using AT.

Remember to wear your helmet when you are scootering or cycling. Ring your bell when people are near & be careful of others. Always keep left on the road.

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James (Your Move)

Well by sneaking in early you also have the privilege of being the first to post on your NR2SD activities! Thanks for explaining how the event worked for you, and how you avoided a clash with the carnival - that has earned you 15 points (including for the team's inside story). You have also earned 25 points for your Term 1 assemblies and 50 points for your AT rewards campaign (raffle) this term.

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