Our Warnbro Walker started well this week with 91% of all classes returning Hands-Up surveys (& on time!) That is a great start! The middle & senior classes are really hitting their stride now with all achieving at least 50% AT (range 53-67%) The juniors are going to need a little more encouragement to boost AT, although our highest AT came from a junior class at 71%! The range for our juniors was 29-71%. I will issue the challenge to the Team next week as to how to improve AT with the juniors.

Hopefully with NWS2SD just a couple of weeks away, this will engender AT enthusiasm with our younger students. Plotting NWS2SD "stuff" has already begun but I'll leave it to the Team to elaborate next week.

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James (Your Move)

Thanks for the analysis Arlene. 91% is an impressive rate of survey return, not to mention the good AT results! And that is all after 2 weeks away from school eating easter eggs! So you received 90 points for linking to the "Regular AT Day" activity, plus a bonus 10 points for your analysis of results.

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