On Board Intellibus.

Arlene Yates
Warnbro Primary School

Last Friday the Team travelled by public transport to South Perth to board the RAC Intellibus. Our trusty Champion, Ms Riley, organized a group ticket for our travel.

So we went on the train to Perth & then the ferry to South Perth for our ride on the Intellibus. We had a play in the playgrounds for recess & lunch. We also visited the Old Mill & learnt its history. After catching the ferry back to Perth, Ms Riley bought us an ice cream. What a great way to end our Intellibus day! Travis

The Intellibus was a very fun experience because we learnt about the sensors & the rules (of the road) while travelling on it.We got there by going on the train & the ferry. The Intellibus dropped us at the Old Mill where we learnt about how to be a miller & what you have to do to grind grain to make flour. When we returned to Perth we got to have an have an ice cream then we returned home on the train. Eli

Last Friday the YM Team went to Perth to take a ride on the Intellibus. I had so much fun but at first it was weird hopping into a driverless car. When we got off we went to the Old Mill & learnt lots of stuff. After our amazing experience on the Intellibus we went to a playground & had lots of fun! To get to Perth we came by train then caught the ferry to South Perth where the Intellibus operates. We got an interesting Intellibus pack. It included an activity book & a pen which I am using to write this. I think we had an amazing time! Aryanna

The YM Team went on the RAC Intellibus for a special reward from the Leadership Labs. The Intellibus was great. We went all the way to the Old Mill where we had a tour. After our ride we all played at the park. Then we went onto the ferry. We had an ice cream before finally hopping on the train back to Warnbro. Jack

The YM Team went on the RAC Intellibus last Friday. We won the pitch the plan at the Leadership Lab, earning us the ticket for the Intellibus. We got there by Active Transport; first we went on the train from Warnbro to Elizabeth Quay, then we caught the ferry to South Perth where we had some recess before catching the Intellibus which took us to the Old Mill. We learnt lots. Then we took the Intellibus back to the park where we had lunch. We got the ferry back to Perth where we had an ice cream. I had caramel. It was a fun day. Juliette

Mentor's note: Well done Team on a well deserved reward. You have worked hard & achieved much along this year's journey. We are so proud of you.

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James (Your Move)

Hi again YM Team! What a lovely reward for all your efforts this year. And even more fun taking the train and ferry to get there 😎. You have earned 25 points for using Transperth for your outing and another 15 points for your detailed perspectives on the day.

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