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Arlene Yates

We have been busy, but I'll let the Team give our take on last Friday.

Lurren wrote:We celebrated NWS2SD on Friday, 17th May. I met Penny McCall. We all met near the Guarded Crossings & met people we had invited. If someone was away, one of us looked after 2 people. The guest I invited was Penny McCall, the Community Development Officer (Recreation & Wellbeing.) The best part to me was when I got to know Penny better & we helped each other with meeting the children coming past.The important part for me was making sure every one had a lucky dip, sticker & had their name written down; basically making sure no-one missed out.

Some of the fruit & vegetables on offer at Recess.

We all invited someone to walk on our hosted walks. One of our guests was Andy Burns, the Chair of our School Board. It was important to be on time. Ferdinand.

A quick photo, just before Andy & 2 Your Movers, head off to catch the rest of the walkers!

Ashleigh added: All the children who joined our walks got a lucky dip & a chance to be the Wonderful Walker of that walk. (names drawn out of the hat from the lists we took at each Guarded Crossing). Andy Burns was invited by Ferdinand & I. Other guest walkers involved were Deputy Mayor, Deb Hamblin, MLA for Warnbro, Paul Papalia & Community Development Officer (Recreation & Wellbeing) Penny McCall. The best part was the fruit & vegetable platters as they were DELICIOUS. The important thing to me was everyone walking & those who did were awesome.

Mentor's note: What a beautiful day to go walking to school! Well done Team for your wonderful efforts on the day. Now all that is to be done to wrap up NWS2SD, is to get those Thank You letters written & sent to our guest walkers.

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James (Your Move)

Thanks Lurren, Ferdinand and Ashleigh! Your WS2SD event has earned 40 points, plus 10 for your interesting details and another 5 for the young people's perspectives. I love that an active travel event has also helped the kids develop their communication and protocol skills!

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