Or scooter! We recently used lots of our points to invest in our wheels' infrastructure. We spent points on bike & scooter racks to improve the availability of wheels' parking. Thank you to our gardener, Gary, for assembling the bike racks for us. Hopefully, now that we have built them they will come!

The bike racks are not necessarily in their permanent places yet because we are waiting on delivery of the scooter racks! So we want to make the best use of space & racks before they become permanently fixed! They look fantastic. Who wouldn't want to park their bike? (or scooter, once the scooter racks are here!)

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James (Your Move)

They look like you could do gymnastics on them! Great to see some good gear in place. I know you'll give us a shot of the scooter parking when it arrives so I won't even ask!

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They look fantastic. Well done the Your Move Team for all your hard work. Let's aim to get a couple more before the end of the year.

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