Presenting at Assembly

Arlene Yates
Warnbro Primary School

Charli & Ashleigh were YM presenters for the Assembly where Althea Gordon, Development Officer (Recreation & Well-being) & Amie Hill, Events Officer were YM guests invited to talk to the school community about upcoming summer events being provided by the City of Rockingham.

This is in part, the presentation: The YM winners for this Hands-Up count are Junior block, Room 2 & Middle/Senior block, Room 14. Room 2 had 39% choosing AT. Room 14 had 64% choosing AT. Well done everyone who chose AT as the way to come to school. We are pleased to introduce our guests from the COR, Community Development Officer, Althea Gordon & Events Officer, Amie Hill to tell you about what is happening soon in our city.

Below, some of the "take-aways" left for the school.

Mentor's note: Thank you, Althea & Amie for coming along to share some of the great family events coming to Rockingham. Thank you, Charli & Ashleigh, for holding the fort while the rest of the Team were at the interschool carnival. A job well done.

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David (Your Move)

Great to see the student team involved in announcing the winners at assembly.

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James (Your Move)

Thanks Charli, Ashleigh and Arlene - were the results from your regular AT day or from something else?

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Thanks, James & David. Yes the results are from our fortnightly Warnbro Walker count. And yes, the YM Team presents the WW Award at each fortnightly assembly along with any other relevant AT "news."

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