Random Raffle Ticket Days - Update!

Arlene Yates
Warnbro Primary School

Here is what Kyal learned from RRTDs:

Random Raffle Tickets were a way to encourage people to walk to school every day and not just Toesdays ( our Tuesdays.)

They were held on 27th July, 9th August & 24th August at the sports shed & Room 2 entrances & the main gate.It went really well but the place that got the least amount of people was the Room 2 entrance.

I would do it again because it was a great way to encourage people to walk to school.

We could make it better by going to different locations.The places that got the most people walking were the main gate & the sports shed entrance.

Mentor's note: Kyal came up with this great idea for which he did all the planning & organizing. Great initiative, Kyal!

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Justine (Your Move)

Thanks for sharing how it went, Kyal! Do you know how many kids it may have encouraged to walk, scoot and ride to school? What did your friends and classmates think of this idea? Very keen to see how you go when Random Raffle Ticket days return :)

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Answers from Kyal: I hope it encouraged at least 70% of the students in the school to walk & ride. My friends & YM Teammates thought it was a good idea and I would do it again. I hope it goes really well if we do it again.

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