Luke & Beau were straight off the blocks with the first YM report at this week's assembly. Following is a synopsis of the presentation:

Good morning everyone & WELCOME BACK to our YM reports. The YM Champions for Term 2's final Hands-Up count are Juniors Room 3 (39% AT) & Seniors Room 11 (88% AT). Well done everyone who chose AT as the way to come to school. We will now draw the raffle...

Well done to our 5 in a row Star Carders who are all from Room 11. Super effort, all round Room 11! Please see us at the end of assembly to collect your prizes...

WHEELING WEDNESDAYS are back! When you "WHEEL" to school on Wednesdays see us at the bike racks to collect your raffle ticket. This means another STAR on your Star Card!

This term we are running the RACE AROUND AUSTRALIA competition. We are looking forward to your creative maps which we will use to count off your steps as you Race Around Australia. We will report on racing progress at assemblies. We will distribute maps during our YM session next Monday & ask that you return your decorated maps to Room 14 by Friday 7th August, ready to start the race.


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James (Your Move)

Thanks for your update Luke and Beau! Presenting all this YM info to your school assembly has earned you 25 points. I have no doubt that Arlene will give us updates of your Wheeling Wednesdays and Race Around Australia as they happen - but for now you get a bonus 10 for letting us in on all the details of your item. See you soon! Oh, btw 88% AT for your seniors is rather impressive!

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