Reflecting on 2019...

Arlene Yates
Warnbro Primary School

It's that time of the year when we look back at what has happened during the year.This is how the Team saw 2019 unfold...

My highlight was the thinking & planning of Wheeling Wednesdays with the rest of the Team. What I loved about this year was all of the smiling faces in all of the fun activities we planned/did/earned. I'm not so happy about how many people left the YM Team. What I liked about this year was the Showcase & how I talked in front of a crowd I didn't really know. The thing I learnt this year is how much work the YM actually does! Lurren. (Mentor's note: we had a 50% turnover half way through the year, with some leaving our school & others finding YM was no longer a good fit. The upside was our 2nd semester "intake" have proved to be exceptional!)

For Keithah: My highlight was the Showcase. It was fun, interesting & I learned a lot from it. Everything I have done with the YM Team has been good (planning Wheeling Wednesdays, funding 2 excursions to Constable Care Safety School & Warnbro's Walk2School Day.) The not so good was me being a bit nervous at the start, but everything else was great. I have learnt to be confident. I wasn't that confident when I started, but I've become very confident after my experience. The best thing was having lots of fun hosting & planning events.

For Ferdinand: The highlight was the Showcase. The good thing is the fact that we are a group & that makes it easier for us. The not so good was that we always run out of time! The best thing was Ride Run Obstacle Fun because I like setting it up. I learnt to have good time management. My good wish for the 2020 Team is have fun & good luck.

Charlotte wrote: My highlight was the Showcase. It was fun & interesting. The good part of the year was the Walk to School Days with our fruit platters. The not so good thing was that we didn't have enough time in our meetings. The best thing was having my friends in the YM Team with me. I learnt that it is not so easy to plan events. My good wish for the 2020 YM Team is have fun & enjoy your time.

Beau added: The highlight was Wheeling Wednesdays because I enjoy meeting new people. The good thing was becoming a YM member. The not so good was not enough time for our YM sessions. The best thing was our YM meetings on Wednesdays. I learnt to be more responsible. My good wish for the 2020 YM Team is have fun.

Charlie wrote: Always remember your shirt & badge because you won't be recognised for all your hard work without them! Always be confident so when you go to talk at assemblies you will feel so much better. Have fun & enjoy the YM Team. When I joined the YM Team, I learned how to be more responsible & how to run events at school.

Mentor's note: Well there you have it. Some wonderful insights by a group of switched on students who have just made my day every Wednesday! Best wishes,Team, in your future endeavours. It has been an honour & privilege to work with you.

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James (Your Move)

Yes - this is a timely reminder of the value of reflecting on activities and achievements. It's nice to know so many saw the showcase as a highlight - but also wonderful that others saw the highlight as being smiling faces and meeting people. I always find it so rewarding to hear kids recognising that YM has helped them with personal achievements such as improved confidence and time management skills. You earned 15 points for the reflection activity, 10 for the depth of your post, plus 5 for the student perspectives.

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Yes, James I am always inspired by the honesty & depth of the reflections. YM is an absolute WINNER! Every year I have the privilege of watching our Team grow in personal confidence.

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