Reflections of 2017

Arlene Yates
Warnbro Primary School

Each year we ask each member of the YM Team to reflect on their year.

The highlight of the year was the Kids Teaching Kids Conference. It was a really fun event to go to. Getting to Double Platinum & getting 50% class participation in HU was good. The not so good was some classes not getting the HU surveys in on time. The best thing was being part of a team & being able to work with different people. Something I learnt is that YM has made me more a responsible, more active person. Kyal.

The highlight was speaking at Assemblies & presenting YM to the 4s & 5s. I really enjoyed the Kids Teaching Kids Conference. The best was running competitions & KTKs. The not so good was not having enough time at our YM sessions. What I learnt was to work as a team & to trust people more. Katrina.

My highlight was the KTKs because we all went & loved both days. The good stuff was getting involved in events like Bike Week which we all loved. The not so good was when we all wanted control. Achieving Double Platinum was the best! I learnt that working as a team is more fun than working individually. Cohen McL.

This year we've achieved Double Platinum which is very awesome & we were the first to achieve it! The highlight was KTKs Conference & having a lot of fun! The good thing was being able to speak in public without being really nervous or anxious. The not so good was not all classes handing in their HU survey every week. The best thing was being able to encourage families to use AT & live a healthy lifestyle. What I learnt was to make the most of stuff & have fun! Summer.

The highlight of this year was Decorate Your Wheels because it was super fun choosing who won! The good thing was how we worked together when Mrs Yates wasn't here. I think we worked super well even though Mrs Yates was away. The not so good thing was I missed most of the Term 4 YM sessions because of a transition to high school program. The best thing was speaking at Assembly because I used to be shy & now I love it. What I learnt was to be more confident with speaking to groups & now I love doing it. Cohen C.

What inspiring observations & reflections! How could you not be proud of these young people & their achievements? Am I putting my hand up to mentor in 2018? You bet!

Footnote: Taihleia's reflections will be added next week.

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I'm pleased you all enjoyed the Kids Teaching Kids conference. A big thank you to Tim and Baldivis High School for letting us hsare their bus.

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Hey we did do a Awesome job this year thanks to Mrs Yates!!

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Rebecca, I had the honour & pleasure of working with 6 inspiring young people this year. What they achieved was through their tenacity & trust in one another to work as a team. I was entrusted to guide & mentor; something I found so very rewarding.

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