Setting the Scene for Things to Come.

Arlene Yates

Today the Team presented the YM Report at Assembly. Following is part of the presentation:

Star Cards have started so make sure that you are using AT to earn your Star Card. A completed row of STARS means a chance to select something from our prize box.

Some of the SMILEY FACES, STOP SIGNS & FEET on paths heading to school are a little faded. Let us know where the faded ones are so that we can make them bright again.

We are running a NWS2SD competition. See your teacher to collect a NWS2SD poster to decorate. Have it back to Ms Riley by Monday, 13th May, ready to be displayed for NWS2SD, Friday 17th May. Be in it to win something from our prize box. AND remember our hosted walks on NWS2SD!

REMEMBER tomorrow is Hands-Up, so get those Hands-Up surveys to Ms Riley first thing! AND earn a STAR on your Star Card!


Mentor's note: as you can see the Team has set a busy pace (already) for this term!

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David (Your Move)

Great work as usual from Warnbro! Sounds like you've got so many plans in place that an assembly item was the best way to communicate it all. Looking forward to hearing about NWS2SD as well. Just a note: James is away for a couple of days, so official points scoring will be completed when he's back at it. Thanks!

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James (Your Move)

I'm back! I agree with Dave - it does seem like the assembly was an effective way to get all those messages out - I particularly like how you are engaging the school population in gathering feedback on the 'safe routes' stencils.. I've given you a bonus 10 points for giving all the details. I too am anticipating your NWS2SD update!

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