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Arlene Yates
Warnbro Primary School

Yesterday a number of City of Rockingham YM school champions met for the term networking. These are always good occasions to share ideas, support endeavours & promote all things ACTIVE. Thanks again to Penny (COR) our trusty organizer for facilitating our get-togethers. Carol-Ann reminded us about our end of year HU due next week & gave a run down on how the Connecting Schools Grants went (in a blink of an eye!). 5 COR schools received CSGs so we were pretty chuffed to hear that news.

Discussion centred on further developing our buddy system in 2022; especially in view of ensuring the longevity of YM in schools. We have a number of champions who may be re-locating & are keen to know that YM will continue when they have moved on. We also shared ideas on assisting newer people (& those lending a hand) in navigating the website (& of course posting those all important stories!) Earning points was another discussion & how linking a story to an activity earns more points; so easy when you know HOW (& just a little trick of the trade!) As always we did the round table sharing of what we are doing in each of our schools.

By the time our session concluded we all realised how much we have been doing & achieving and how beneficial networking like this is to each of us, whether it be asking for advice or offering a suggestion. Collaboration at its best.

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James (Your Move)

Has another CoR network meeting already come around again 🤔?! I can't believe how quickly the year is passing! Thanks for sharing the inside story here (great to know what Carol-Ann gets up to too when she is out and about 😄). I was really interested to hear about the self-sustaining element and how you aim to help YM continue in neighbouring schools when their champions move on - that is another benefit of the network that I hadn't considered before. So another 25 points for attending and 10 for sharing all those secrets from the inner sanctum 😊.

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Thanks James, yes it is amazing as I don't know where the year has gone either! Thanks to Penny & Carol-Ann, we are techno-clever with using Zoom to enable greater attendance by those who cannot attend in person. Just another way to keep as many as possible in the loop & share the word!

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