So HOW Did We go This term?

Arlene Yates
Warnbro Primary School

Today the Team discussed our HU statistics for this term. To start with, we ARE smiling because our whole of school AT for Term 1 was 52%, a decided increase over our SOY ( 44%).

So we pondered & smiled (& patted ourselves, well ALL Active Travellers, on the back!) There were some very pleasing trends:

  • Average AT for Junior classes was 44%.
  • Average AT for Senior classes was 63% (go the Seniors!)
  • Whole school average AT was 52%

In our Junior classes we had a stand out Champion. Room 4 (Year 1/2) was Champion class for each of our HU counts in Term 1 with an average of 54%. Better still was that at each count, this super little class improved AT; starting at 50% to 52% & finally 60%. BIG pats on the backs!

Our Senior classes generally had an Term 1 AT average of greater than 50% with 2 classes sharing the Champion hat: Room 14 with 62% & Room 16 with 70% & 77%. Extra BIG pats on the backs!

Now the CHALLENGE is to maintain &/or improve on these AT% into Term 2.

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James (Your Move)

Some great analysis there Warnbro and Arlene. Great to see an improvement over the term with some impressive peaks in the figures of those top performing classes. You have earned 15 points for this indepth analysis of your active travel improvements over the term.

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