Star Cards are Back!

Arlene Yates
Warnbro Primary School

Star cards are back for Term 3 & 4. Cohen Mc. outlines what we are doing:

Star cards recognise the times that you use Active Transport to as your way of coming to school.

Every Toesday (Tuesday) you walk, ride or scooter, you will get a star punched on your card. You EARN your Star Card first; everyone who used AT today earned a SC with the first star punched. When you fill a row you are in the draw for a prize from our prize box.

The YM Team keeps the SCs in a special filing box & we punch stars each time you use AT on Toesdays. (we use our Warnbro Walker raffle tickets to note who needs an extra star punched.)

We have only just started today so we have to get into a bit of a routine.

We are having some "random raffle ticket" days this term so you can earn bonus stars!

Mentor's note: we have 58 inaugural Star Carders. Those who use AT next week (but didn't today) will earn their Star Cards then.

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Justine (Your Move)

Star Cards are great! We are really keen to see how your Toesdays (love it) influence the amount of kids who walk, ride and scoot to school throughout Term Three.

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