Star Cards Back in the Mix.

Arlene Yates
Warnbro Primary School

This week the Team discussed re-introducing Star Cards this term.

Chloe tells us: Star Cards = when you ride or walk to school you get a raffle ticket. Your first raffle ticket earns you your SC & your first Star punched. Then each raffle ticket after that earns you another Star punched. We are re-introducing SCs because it encourages children to walk or ride to school. We are hoping that it will be a good incentive for walking & riding.

Milly continues: We are using SCs because it encourages people to ride or walk to school (using AT.) They'll want to get a full row of Stars punched to be proud of themselves & get a pick from the YM prize box. Then it will be passed on & we'll have the best AT school. We started SCs after Bike Week because if we did it during BW it would be too busy. The YM Team is hoping to let it run for the rest of the year & even longer. (it will probably last a few years) PS. SCs start this week, how exciting!

Beau concludes: When someone completes a row of Stars they get to pick a prize from the YM green box. We will go to the class to see the "STARS" & congratulate them in their classroom. A Star is earned when you have used Active Transport on Toesdays (our Hands-Up day) and/or Wheeling Wednesdays. You need 5 ( in a row) to complete the row of Stars.

Mentor's note: I just love the enthusiasm of this Team! Just makes you want to get out & go for a walk!

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James (Your Move)

I really like the idea of congratulating the recipients in their classroom - great for peer kudos! Adding star cards to your regular AT days has earned you 20 points plus 10 for outlining how it all works.

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We might have to put a hold on this activity for a while. Although I am trying to think up a way the kids can still be active even though they will not be coming to school.

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