Walk Around Australia

Bett Riley
Warnbro Primary School

In order to promote a healthy outlook and get some exercise, some of the staff at Warnbro Primary school are undertaking a virtual walk around around Australia challenge. There are 4 teams with four staff members in each team. Each member records their steps for the week and the team captain calculates the total and moves their flag the appropriate distance. Most of our teams are now in the Northern Territory. The Your Move team has purchased some $20 Smart Riders to present to the team members who return to Perth first.

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Katy (Your Move)

What a great idea Warnbro Primary School - how many staff members are involved in this Walk Around Australia? Do they have team names? Will this become an annual event? Look forward to hearing all the experiences of the team that arrives home first!

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There are 12 staff members involved. We have not named our teams this year. It may possibly be a yearly event. We were going to do the Corporate Challenge again but it was too expensive this year. So we decided to run our own and originaly it was going to be for 100 days. As we got going we decided to carry on and see which team could be first to walk around Australia.

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