WalknWheel 2 School Day.

Arlene Yates
Warnbro Primary School

To cap off Bike Month, we tweaked our Term 4 Walk day to incorporate all our wheelers. The response was excellent & more to the point, 2 of the Team suggested that maybe we look at some more scooter racks. Hmm.. a discussion point no doubt at our next session. Here is how the Team viewed the morning..

On Friday 30th October, week 3 of term, the Warnbro Primary School Your Move Team held a WalknWheel Day 2 School. At Recess we gave out fruit & vegetables supplied by funds from the City of Rockingham. Chloe

WnW2SD started at our Guarded Crossings & another street which has lots of (foot) traffic. These were Currie St, Fairmile St & Kingsbridge Rd. We picked our Guarded Crossings so that we encourage people to use them because they are safe places to cross. Milly

On WnW2SD, we got the active travel participants to write down their name & class. Next we gave them a sticker & then they could have a lucky dip from our YM bag. Ruby

At Currie St our guest walker was our Principal, Miss Murray. At Fairmile & Axminster Penny McCall (Community Development Officer COR) was our guest walker. Normally our Deputy Mayor, Deb Hamblin joins us but she was already committed this time! It was a great turn out. Luke

The YM Team ran the Walk'n'Wheel 2 School Day for the purpose of promoting Active Travel as the way to come to school. We're trying to make our school & planet a better place. It could be thought of as a celebration for the ending of October Bike Month. Miranda

WnW2SD was organised weeks before. We sent out invitations to our guest walkers. We are now getting ready to write our thank you letters to those who joined us. Beau

Mentor's note: Our new Principal joined members of the Team at the Currie St Guarded Crossing, where Miss Murray found out quite alot about what the Team does. Well done Chloe on your eloquent welcoming greeting for Miss Murray.

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James (Your Move)

Excellent stuff, Team and all you Wheelers and Walkers! I love how you use these events to connect with your local community, especially the staff and elected members at the City of Rockingham. You received 40 points for you event, plus 10 for the extensive description and another 5 for it being a student written story!

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