Warnbro Walker Back & Running!

Arlene Yates
Warnbro Primary School

Or walking, cycling & scootering.

On Friday, the YM Team presented the first Hands-up report for this term. The 2 winners were Room 1 with 48% AT ( same as start up count) & Room 8 with 60% AT. (great start Room 8!)

This is how the WW works: Hands-up data is collected each Toesday (Tuesday). Because YM reports are each fortnight, the H-U data is added together for the 2 weeks then the average taken for each class. To be eligible, each class must have submitted both weeks of data (& on time!) The Junior block class & Middle/Senior block class with the highest AT%s are that fortnight's winners. During the YM report these are announced & presented with their WW Awards.

Those who chose AT on Toesdays receive a raffle ticket which goes into the Junior or Middle/Senior boxes. A raffle ticket is selected at random from each box after the WW winners have been announced. These 2 winners can choose something from the YM prize box. Active Transport is a real WINNER!

The WW Award is one of the cornerstones of the YM Team's campaigns. This campaign started with the inaugural Travel Smart Team (2014) & continues because it hopefully encourages everyone to choose AT in a fun way!

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Katy (Your Move)

Thanks so much for sharing your story on your "Warnbro Walker Award". Its great to read the steps classes must complete to be considered in the draw and that individual students are also recognised for walking, riding, scooting and skating to school. Do you collect data on days other than Tuesday's to do a comparison? It would be an interesting one to do now your regular weekly campaign is in its 3rd year (if you have time too). Well done Warnbro PS!

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