Warnbro's Walk2School Day.

Arlene Yates
Warnbro Primary School

Last Friday was WW2SD. We invited some special guests to walk with us from our Guarded Crossings. Our Deputy Mayor, Deb Hamblin & Community Development Officer (for City of Rockingham) Althea Gordon, joined us to walk to school. I was at Currie St where we had a few people walking. All the people who joined one of our hosted walks, went into a raffle to become the Wonderful Walker for that Guarded Crossing. We pulled the 3 names out of the hat today & will present them with their goodies next week. (we have to get the certificate done with each name.)

At recess we had fruit & vegetable platters. Most of it got eaten but there was still a bit left on my platter. Ashleigh.

Mentor's note: Once upon a time there was Make Tracks to School which morphed to Walk Over October. Yes that is how long WPS has been involved in AT event day(s) in Term 4. (Our T4 walk days actually precede then TS & now YM!) With WOO no longer, our student Team agreed that we should continue our T4 walk day tradition & so Warnbro's Walk2School Day takes that spot.

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James (Your Move)

Thanks for that bit of local history Arlene - and thanks Ashleigh for keeping us informed about your WW2SD (your description earned Warnbro a bonus 15 points). I'm glad to see the old TSTS signs are still getting a good workout! Can you explain what the "Wonderful Walker" is all about?

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Gladly James! At each of our walk events, we note everyone who joined our hosted walks. Then at our next YM session we draw a name out of the hat for each hosted walk location.Lucky Wonderful Walkers! Call it a celebration of AT!

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