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Arlene Yates
Warnbro Primary School

Last week the Team added another string to the bow by assisting teachers whose classes were attending the Constable Care Safety School. This excursion was funded through points the Team has earned this year.

Last Tuesday, 23rd November, the YM Team went to the Constable Care Safety School joined by the Pre-Primaries & Year 1s. Today we received some amazing thank you letters which were very cute. Aryanna

The YM Team went to the CCSS with our Pre-Primaries & Year 1s. It was great fun to help the teachers. We all had the best time & today we got some amazing letters from the classes that went. It was great reading them. Jack

At the CCSS we got to help out with the Pre-Primary & Year 1 children. After we got back they all wrote thank you letters. It was so nice & they had some awesome drawings at the bottom of the letters. We really enjoyed getting & reading the letters. Eli

After the CCSS outing last week we received some awesome thank you letters from the Pre-Primaries & Year 1s. That made all of us really happy. Juliette

Mentor's note: Just the icing on the cake for our Team! Thank you to the teachers & children for being so thoughtful in acknowledging the help provided by the YM Team on the day of the excursion.

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James (Your Move)

What a lovely twist to the Constable Care excursion! Yet another example of the capacity building going on at Warnbro 😊. You have earned 50 points for the excursion and another 15 points for the details and team perspectives. It is really nice how the young ones wrote thankyou letters to the team 😍.

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