Yesterday members of the City of Rockingham Your Move schools network met for Term 1 & because of the nature of 2022, some in person & some by Zoom. By whatever method, we were there! Welcome firstly to our newcomers Kieran, Sharon & Leslie & hello again to the rest of us!

Since we last met our intrepid leader/facilitator Penny has moved on, but the good thing I hear is that she has taken her YM credentials with her by using public transport. Nice one, Penny. So welcome to our new "leader" Kieran.

As ever, Carol-Ann gave us the good oil from DoT, particularly how we might be doing things in a COVID19 world. As an example, the next forum which BC (Before COVID19) was held with everyone attending in person usually at "HQ" (DoT in Perth) will be online & during the holidays, as many schools are finding it difficult to release teachers for Professional Learning during school time, again COVID19 being a contributing factor here.

Kieran reminded us of the contribution COR makes to all Rockingham schools regarding NWS2SD & that the information had been sent to schools. Better still if you are a YM school, there are extra $ for participating! He will also be following up the buddy system proposed last year to encourage & guide struggling schools. Kieran mentioned the wayfinding signage stencil competition about to get under way. So busy times in the City of Rockingham!

Then as always we had our "round table" where we all had the opportunity to expand on what was happening at our schools, ask any questions & generally talk about all the good stuff that emanates from being a Your Mover!

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James (Your Move)

Thanks for the update on the CoR network meeting Elaine. Wow - I hope Kieran has big feet as I'm pretty sure Penny left some big boots to fill 😉. From your account though, he certainly sounds to have made a great start in the role. You have earned 25 points for attending the network meeting this term and another 20 points for your detailed outline of the meeting.

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