Wheeling towards...

Arlene Yates
Warnbro Primary School

Bike Week! Cycling towards us but with our hands firmly on the handlebars we'll steer nice & easily through posters, Decorate Your Wheels, Ride Run Obstacle Fun & Ride2School Day.

Posters have been designed & the preliminary planning for Decorate Your Wheels is done. All classes have BW posters with all the important dates.

Today we completed our DYWs planning. I'll let the Team tell the rest of the story: Bryce explains that DYWs stands for Decorate Your Wheels. It is a competition where you can win prizes & a lot of fun to be in. You'll get to show your cool wheels.

DYWs will be held in the Under Cover Area on Tuesday, 19-3-19 at 8am. We have to be there to set up at 7:50am. It will be finished by 8:30 so that everyone is in class on time! Shyloh

Ashleigh writes: We are running DYWs because it is one of the 3 things we do for Bike Week. DYWs is a fun time to decorate your bike or scooter & show what/how you have decided to DYWs! That's the other reason we run it, because it is fun!

Charlotte & Lurren collaborated: We are judging DYWs in 2 groups, Junior & Senior & 1st, 2nd & 3rd places. (Everyone will get a wheels sticker for participating.) Each judge has a piece of paper to write who are the placegetters. The judges discuss & choose the winners. (3 judges for Junior, 3 for Senior) The YM Team are the judges. The Junior & Senior areas will be signposted using our sandwich boards.

I think that it will be good & we will get at least 20 bikes entering. I hope that the bikes are good & that everyone who enters is polite & nice & they put effort into decorating their bikes. I hope everybody is on time. Ferdinand.

Mentor's note: the plan is to get some photos on the day. The Team is READY! Bike Week here we come!

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James (Your Move)

Can't wait for this all to come to fruition! You have received 10 points for this detailed outline of your Bike Week plans, plus a bonus 5 for the students sharing their ideas.

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David (Your Move)

What a fun week you have ahead of you at Warnbro! Can't wait to see pictures and find out who the winners were!

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