Your Move at Warnbro Primary School

Bett Riley

I have just become a Your Move member at Warnbro Primary School. I think it is quite fun but I have to remember to wear my badge and get my file ready on Tuesdays. We meet every Tuesday afternoon but we have lunchtime meetings while Mrs Yates is away too. I like to walk to school and I like doing activities for Your Move. That's why I am in the Team. By Tahleia

On Friday 19 May Warnbro Primary School is hosting the Walk Safely to School day. There will be 3 walks from the 3 guarded crossings - Fairmile Street, Warnbro Sound Avenue and Currie Street. We have 6 members in our team and 2 will be at each crossing. At recess we will give out fruit platters in the undercover area. By Cohen M

On Friday 19 May we will be hosting a walk to school day. Those who walk will be given a sticker and can pick a prize from our prize bag. The students need to cross with the crossing guard at Currie Street, Fairmile Street or Warnbro Sound Avenue. Every crossing has 2 Your Move Members at it. We will be serving fruit and vegetable platters at recess and lunch. Kyal

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Nice to hear from the Your Move students! I hope today went well despite the weather :)

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