Active Travellers Award Winners

Tammy McEwan

Our Active Travellers Award has been created to reward the classes in the school who have the highest percentage of active travellers on our Hands Up Survey days. The winning classes had the highest percentage of people actively travelling to school by walking, riding their bikes, or scootering their scooters. Two awards were given out in Term 1.

Congratulations to the Year 5's in Room 9 who had 69% of their class actively travelling to school on the day we conducted our very first Hands Up Survey for the year, hence winning the inaugural award.

Congratulations to the Year 3's in Room 2 who were awarded the second Active Travellers Award on National Ride 2 School day. A whopping 82% of the students walked, rode their bikes or scootered to school, a remarkable achievement.

Our next Hands Up survey will be conducted as part of National Walk to School day. Who will be the next winning class...?

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James (Your Move)

Great initiative Tammy! The year 3s and 5s clearly have embraced the Your Move ethos. You have earned 50 points for your award scheme in Term 1 and a bonus 10 for sharing the details of how it works. I'm looking forward to your W2SD event!

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