Your Move Basso

Tammy McEwan
Bassendean Primary School

Bassendean Primary School has been busy during Term 4 continuing to embrace our Fume Free Fridays. Although we didn't have a significant increase in the number of students riding or scootering, we had a large percentage of our families continuing to walk to and from school on Fridays, and continuing to make this a trend for other days of the week.

Our random raffle prize draws continued to be a hit. Most Fridays we gave out between 120-150 raffle tickets to students who actively travelled to school. Winners were drawn at our assemblies with winners receiving Your Move goodies and canteen vouchers.

Our final hands up survey for Term 4 actually showed a decline in active travel. I propose this is due to the fact that our random prize draws had ended the week before and maybe some students/families decided against active travel as there was no extrinsic reward. If we had conducted a hands up survey on any of the random raffle prize days/weeks, I propose that the active travel rate would have been as high, if not higher than Term 3 due to the number of raffle tickets we were giving out.

It is rewarding to see the large number of students and families who continue to consistently walk, ride or scoot to school, this tells me Your Move at Bassendean Primary School is working.

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