National Ride2School Day at Bassendean PS

Tammy McEwan

Bikes filled our bike racks on National Ride2School Day to overflowing. Parents, siblings and pet dogs joined the riding fun too. Although only 27% of our students rode their bikes, a whopping 69% of students chose to scooter or walk to school. Lots of stickers were given out to our active travellers.

The National Ride2School Day event was promoted via Connect, over the school PA with the weekly announcements, and by the teachers in the classrooms.

We conducted Hands Up Surveys with our students pre and post National Ride2School Day. The first image shows Ride2School Day data, the second shows data from a random survey two weeks prior. The data indicates what we all expected, the percentage of Active Travellers increased substantially when the event was held with the promise of a sticker!

In our recent Phys Ed News which was shared on Connect, students and families have been encouraged to continue to choose to travel to and from school by riding a bike, scootering or walking, especially with our beautiful weather. To date the bike racks have not been as full, however we have seen a lot of families walking to school, so I guess we are winning.

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Rebecca (Your Move)

Hi Tammy. Welcome back for 2024! 🥳 Bassendean PS has been busy being ACTIVE! That's great! 😉 So many families made a big effort for the event. Let's hope the good weather lasts, along with the sticker stash!

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Rebecca (Your Move)

Bassendean PS has earned 40 points for running an AT event, 20 points for reflections on your HUS, 10 points for promoting YM on Connect along with 20 points for story stats and details on the great day! PS. Any plans for the Walk Safely to School Day on 10 May? 🚶‍♀️🙌🚶‍♂️🙌

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