On Monday 10 May, we held a planning meeting, our first to involve a parent. Sharee was super excited to be a part of the discussions regarding the Your Move program at Bassendean Primary School. Other than continued Hands Up Surveys and promotion of the benefits of actively travelling to school, it was agreed that the Active Travellers Awards would commence as a reward to the class with the highest percentage of Active Travellers.

Sharee also suggested that she run a 'how to lock your scooter and bike properly' event at the bike and new scooter racks. Sharee is to approach the P&C to ask for assistance with the supply of locks for her workshop.

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James (Your Move)

Some great ideas have come out of your Term 2 planning session Tammy - thanks for sharing 😊. The rewards idea could work well also with the introduction of a regular Active Travel day promotion, for example a Fume Free Friday or a Walk and Wheel Wednesday - perhaps something to consider starting up in Term 4 or next year? You have earned 15 points for your planning session last term and 10 points for sharing all the outcomes.

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