Meet Cardno WA's regular "Ride to Work" riders

Chiara Muzzin

What do these Western Australian Cardno engineers all have in common? They ride to work on their pushbikes!

Our regular peddlers from our Perth office enjoy the flexibility of not having to rely on their cars to get to work and the chance to stretch their muscles, get some fresh air and start the day with a great sense of achievement.

Graduate Civil Engineer, Kirsten Chick rides to and from work every day, travelling up to 10km (25minutes) each way. Traffic Engineer, James Dracup travels 3.6km to get to work taking approximately 15 minutes. Jumping on the bike and getting active on the way to work helps these riding commuters feel more productive and focused during business hours.

Aside from the health and environmental benefits of having less cars on the road, riding to and from work also creates a strong sense of community and purpose, which encourages social sustainability and promotes healthy lifestyle choices.

At Cardno, we encourage those who haven’t ridden to work before to give it a go and help normalise the idea of riding to work and building a more sustainable future.

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Kylie (Your Move)

Hi Chiara, what a happy looking bunch of people. Riding to work must put a smile on their dial! We would love to know how you encourage people who haven't ridden to work to give it a go? Do you take them on a tour of the bike facilities? Link them up with other riders? Or help them plan their journey?

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