Working from home helping to reduce emissions

Alix Oakes

This year has been a little different, and it has forced us to change our daily behaviours including how we commute!

Working from home is not a new concept for Cardno - it has been something our staff have been able to do for a while now, but due to the current situation, it has now become a regular feature of our daily working lives. Staff are empowered to choose to work flexibly from home with access to the right technology and support.

Cardno staff across the country have been working from home for at least some of their working week for many months now, and there has been a lot of positive effects not only in keeping each other and the community safe but also for the environment! Working from home means our staff aren’t on the road in the cars, on buses or trains and are therefore reducing the emissions associated with their commute.

It looks like a big portion of our staff will continue to work from home even after restrictions have been lifted, after having a positive experience in their new workspaces (many with dogs, cats or children for company!). A survey of Cardno staff across the Asia Pacific indicated that 88% of staff will continue to work from home on a regular basis – many stating their preference was a hybrid of working a few days in the office and a few days from home. This is not only big plus for employees through the flexibility it provides, but also for the environment thanks to the reduction of people commuting on our roads every day.

So there we have it – it looks like working from home looks to be the way of the future for Cardno. We’re happy it will provide staff with a flexible, productive and happy workplace all while helping to reduce transport emissions and positively contribute to the community by reducing congestion and traffic on our roads!

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James (Your Move)

Hi Alix - great to hear that Cardno's WFH policy has proved to have handled the challenges thrown at it by Covid-19! Very impressive that 88% want to continue doing it - and with that many, the carbon reductions should be rather significant. You haven't previously been awarded points for your Telework Policy so I have linked your story to that YM activity which gives you 60 points on top of the 100 bonus 'Fight for Planet A' points you have earned for sharing one way Cardno is reducing transport based carbon emissions. I have also inserted your image directly into the story, rather than as an attachment - it makes the image more accessible and if you do it when posting a story you automatically earn 3 points per image (up to 15 points maximum).

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Thanks for the comments and additional points James! It has certainly been fully embraced and championed from the highest levels.

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