Dismantle Bike Rescue Workshops - Champion Centre & Westfield Park Primary School

Kirsten Beckingham
City of Armadale

The City of Armadale engaged Dismantle Inc. to deliver two workshops on bike maintenance and repair with young people aged 10 – 14, aligning with the City’s social priorities of youth engagement and community safety. Dismantle Inc. are a Non-For-Profit that provides support to young people through building knowledge, social skills, self-confidence, and teamwork through mentoring and mechanical skills.

Westfield Park Primary School in Camillo hosted the first workshop after school on August 16, and the Champion Centre in Seville Grove hosted the second on August 18. Thirteen keen participants attended each of the workshops, with many young people from the weekly boys’ program for Indigenous youth at the Champion Centre attending the latter session. The local Armadale Police generously donated bikes and parts for those who did not have their own to bring, who were able take a completed bike home.

Bike theft has been identified by the City as an area for improvement, which discourages this mode of transport and people leaving their bikes unattended at designated racks. General feelings of unsafety were also identified by residents, which can be improved by increased passive surveillance and activation of community spaces. Increasing the capacity for local youth to ride bikes by providing bike maintenance workshops, will increase the number of people using pump tracks and other spaces as well as increase passive surveillance.

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James (Your Move)

Great story Kirsten! These bike skills workshops have so many wonderful outcomes. You have earned 50 points for organising these sessions plus 20 points for putting together an engaging and detailed story. Are the pump tracks in Armadale new or have they been around for a while?

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Hey James, we have a couple of bike tracks around Armadale. Hover, we have the John Dunn Memorial Challenge Park with a pump track which is (fingers crossed!) close to being completed. You can stay up to date with the park here: https://www.armadale.wa.gov.au/john-dunn-challenge-park

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James (Your Move)

Thanks Kirsten - what an amazing park that will be! I'll pass it on to the team here at DoT.

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