Canning Youth Amazing Relay Race

Sam Jamieson
City of Canning

In April 2022, Canning Youth delivered an Amazing Relay Race activity for young people as part of their Summer School Holiday program. The program aimed to encourage young people to get active, whilst working on team building, problem solving and building connections to Canning.

As part of the planning process, the Canning Youth staff participated in walking meetings around the Canning River trails to map out the activity and sight key locations for challenges along the way. On the day, staff needed their bikes to allow for faster commute along the track to ensure young people were supported throughout the activity. Since they needed their bikes anyway the team challenged themselves to ride to work that day. Whilst this wasn't possible for everyone, lots of the team tried out an AT commute for the first time!

Although the program was designed to encourage young people to get active, it definitely also got the Canning Youth Staff thinking about their commute and got them on their feet, walking and cycling along the track back and forth throughout the day.

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James (Your Move)

Hey Sam! Thanks for sharing this success story of getting some newbies to try at AT commute for the first time. It is often little occasions like this that can be a significant trigger to people adopting the AT habit. You have earned 25 points for this initiative and 10 point for sharing the details of how it all came about. See you next month 😁!

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