We are living in strange times and the City of Vincent is now shut to all but essential staff with the rest working from home. Not wanting to lose the momentum our long running Breakfast Rumble has, it went digital this month, leaping straight into the 21st century.

Obviously staff are not commuting at the moment so were encouraged to go on a 'commute to their home office' by going out for a walk, run or cycle before work and perhaps grab a coffee or a snack from a local cafe. Everyone then joined Zoom and shared their breakfast over the internet for a bit of distant socialising. Anyone that joined in this way received the same level of points they earned at the last rumble.

It was great to meet up with colleagues in social setting again and important to keep some of our active transport initiatives going so we don't start at ground zero again when we finally return to the office. Hopefully some participants found how easy it was to use active transport to get round their neighbourhood and use might these trips again.

More info about Vincent's breakfast rumble is here https://yourmove.org.au/city-of-vincent/host-a-staff-breakfast/

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James (Your Move)

Nice work Sam for keeping this going - and thanks for showing us all that is it possible to do an active transport commute when teleworking! You have earned the normal 40 points for your breakfast event, plus a bonus 10 for giving us the details of how it works in the new regime.

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