Saman Tariq
City Of Vincent

To ensure Vincent’s staff was well informed on how to take care of their mental and physical health, our Occupational Health and Safety Officer organised a “Staff Wellness Expo” on 19th October 2023. As part of this expo, Active Transport Officer organised a one-to-one awareness session with the internal staff to investigate how well informed were they about the City’s free staff e-bikes, riding rules & rental procedure and what barriers are they facing in riding them for work or recreational purposes. Consistent comments received as part of this discussion stated:

“I am afraid, I will get hit by a car”

“I do not know how to use them”

“I am not a confident cyclist.”

To overcome this barrier, the staff received maps of feasible routes they could take to commute from the Vincent Administration Building to Vincent Depot as a starting point and opt for a greener choice to move around. The map indicated that the shortest route with scenic views along the way and a buffer from heavy traffic was only a 16-minute journey. This information helped inform/convince staff members to try an alternate mode of transport as part of improving their physical/mental health and commuting patterns between both locations.

Some staff volunteered to take the suggested route on our e-bikes and share their pictures to demonstrate the ease and fun of commuting.

Aside from this, the City also collaborated with City of Armadale and received a “Smoothie Bike” where the staff was encouraged to prepare the smoothie of their choice by riding a stationary bike. This was an incredibly fun activity where the staff acknowledged that in our fast-paced work environment, it is crucial to prioritise wellness, and this expo focused on providing them with the tools and resources they needed to maintain a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

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James (Your Move)

Hi Saman - and welcome to Your Move! Great to see you posting your first story (and the first for Vincent in 3 years 🙂) - getting in with your first story has earned you 12 points. You have earned another 30 for these personalised sessions helping staff use the e-bike for these work trips, and another 20 points for sharing all the details of how this came about and what it entailed. See you soon!

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Hi James, thank you for your comment and for the points.

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James (Your Move)

You're most welcome, and all fixed 😁.

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