Staff E-Bikes

Francois Sauzier
City Of Vincent

So great to be doing a tour of the Swan River, on the staff e-bikes, assessing Public Open Space with the Vincent Senior Community Projects officers. And they call this work!!!

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Amy (Your Move)

Fantastic! What a great work day indeed!

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Kylie (Your Move)

Teaming up novice riders with more experienced riders is a great way to build staff's confidence in using the Pool Bikes, well done Vincent. We would love to hear more about your 'Bike Buddy Scheme.' Is it just informal or is it something you activily encourage?

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Hi, Francois, I love this! I wonder if you would be happy for me to use this picture as a great example of pool bikes in a newsletter?

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Apols Kat - I don't think I have responded as yet, but of course yes!

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