2023 New staff active travel induction

Sophie Baker
City of Wanneroo

The City has kicked off its first three inductions of the year and welcomed new staff :). The Traffic team attended the inductions discussing with new staff: the benefits of active travel, the best route to get to work, where to park their bikes, where the changing facilities in the City are and our ride2work coffee group. If staff couldn't cycle, they were encouraged to plan their journey on Transperth Journey Planner or even to park their car and walk some of the way. New staff were handed Map Your Move booklets and a map of staff changing facilities and bike parking. The City is looking forward to getting a new access guide for staff.

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James (Your Move)

Welcome back for 2023, Sophie! Great stuff getting in early in the year with these new staff inductions. You have put together a very comprehensive session, earning the City 30 points - well done 😊. You have also earned another 10 points for clearly explaining all that was covered. See you again soon!

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