Your Move Champions Networking Session

Sophie Baker
City of Wanneroo

The City held a Champions Network Session on the 19/04/2024 online.

Topics of discussion included significant dates coming up: National Walk Safely to School Day, World Earth Day, Thank a Traffic Warden Day, World Bicycle Day and World Environment Day.

The City's Kick Start Your Walk to School Funding was launched to support schools in providing a healthy breakfast on National Walk Safely to School Day. Sporting Schools grants were also discussed.

How the Traffic team and Rangers can support schools were also discussed as well as requests for "Slow Down Consider Our Kids" bin stickers and School Parking leaflets.

We finished the meeting with the Champions sharing what their schools are currently doing, any ideas they are willing to relay onto the group.

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James (Your Move)

Great to hear of another successful schools' network meeting at CoW. You have earned 25 points for the meeting and 10 points for clearly outlining the content of the session. I'm looking forward to reading more about the grant in your story from today 😊.

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