Principal and Champions Information Session

Sophie Baker
City of Wanneroo

On Monday the 18th of March 2023, The City held a Principal and Champion's Information Session in our board room.

All schools who were not signed up to Your Move in the City were invited. Attendees could be: a Principal, Deputy, Teacher or a School P&C Representative, some one that would drive the ‘Your Move’ program in their school.

Four schools were signed up to the session, with only one school, Banksia Grove Primary School attending the session consisting of a representative from the P&C. The schools who were apologies have a 1:1 meeting with myself to discuss the program next week. Banksia Grove Ps received vip treatment and had the opportunity to ask lots of questions and have in-depth discussions about the program.

The session began with afternoon tea, welcome to county and housekeeping. I discussed what I can do to support schools in the Your Move program and introduced Sam and Sarah.

Samuel Jamieson from the Department of Transport presented at the session, detailing the Your Move program as well as presented case studies of schools who were successful in obtaining a Connecting Schools Grant.

Sarah Kavanagh from St Francis of Assisi Catholic Primary School was inspirational discussing the program from a Champion’s perspective and detailed how her school successfully obtained a $20,000 Connecting Schools Grant.

Our Principal Specialist Traffic Services concluded the session with how the traffic team can support schools addressing congestion, school parking and missing infrastructure around schools.

It was a great opportunity to chat at the conclusion of the session about traffic around the potential champion's school and discuss signing up to Your Move. Our potential champion went home with a Your Move planner, Your Move activity list, champions guide, school parking leaflets and Map Your Move leaflets. Bin stickers will be hand delivered to the school.

For Sarah's efforts, I provided her with every prize I had in my desk drawer. I was very grateful to our potential champion, Sarah and Sam for their presentations. Hopefully, a bigger crowd next time!

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James (Your Move)

Ah Sophie - well done for keeping up the enthusiasm with the number of apologies you had 😕! I guess the end of T1 can be a bit frantic, so it is understandable. Every little bit counts though and I'm sure your Banksia Grove representative felt the love 😻. You have earned 25 points for hosting this session plus 20 points for your rich outline of how it went.

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